Thursday, April 10, 2014

Over due...

It has been well over a week since my last post and while I am feeling slightly guilty, I'm feeling a bit uninspired.  I think it is the extreme physical exhaustion that has taken over me.  The new job...careful what you wish for, right?  

Here's the deal, I've been a classroom teacher for thirteen years and each year has been special, unique and wonderful, all in their own way.  My first three years were perfect it was almost wrong.  Wrong?  Because it spoiled me - nothing has really compared since those first three fun-filled years.  But overall, they've all been filled with awesome students and their families and a ton of learning experiences - theirs and mine.  The majority of my co-workers have been pretty damn cool too...there is always an exception to the rule, but in thirteen years I can honestly say that only one could be labeled as a the straw that could always break this camel's back.  Not bad for four different schools, four different grade levels, hundreds of students and a butt-load of co-workers, right?

But the time has come to move on and I have...I am now a media coordinator, i.e. school librarian.  Librarian...not the most attractive job title is it?  Because most of us are probably envisioning a cardigan clad older woman with spectacles, knee-length skirt and comfortable shoes.  Ah shit, that is me...44 isn't a spring chicken, I do wear glasses and my most recent hair-do isn't exactly setting any trends.  And we won't even discuss the denim skirt, wiener dog blouse, and Sperry's, all worn TODAY!  Oh no, have I just left the classroom for my twilight years dream job?!  

No, because I cannot go there.  I may be in my 40's but I'd have to say that I feel younger today than I have in a long it younger or just more confident?  Potato, potah-toe, who cares, right?  Now, we will not factor in the extreme exhaustion at the end of the day, the back pain and crows feet...I DO feel younger (damn it!).  Who cares that I am now willingly taking supplements, drink a bazillion ounces of water (which means I don't sleep through the night!) and have a green smoothie for breakfast every morning (with flax seed to make me, you know, regular)?  Heck, I'd have done all of that at age 23, if it would have been popular.  

Aww, who am I fooling?  Aging is not fun, it is not easy, but the wisdom that I've gained throughout the years...totally worth it.  Now, time to hit the sack or this old girl will not get to read her book before she nods off;-)

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