Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Regifting is Resourceful

Spoiler Alert:  Parental Failure

Tonight I realized that I needed a gift, quick like...and being that it is New Year's Eve, my 1st choice was closed.  Hell, all choices above a service station were closed.  So I decided to ask one of the teens if we could use one of her gifts (from a friend) as a re-gift.  Now let me clarify something - I know it is the thought that counts, but I was willing to reimburse above mentioned teen with something of equal or greater value.

You would have thought I'd asked her to relinquish her right arm, I mean, her cell phone. But, ohhhhh, it gets better when Big Daddy gets involved, "I can't believe you are asking her to do that."  Yes, that is right, cuz I am the devil and want youngest child to suffer without this last minute, $5 gift.  Honestly, the child did not have said gift in her possession long enough to become attached,  much less CARE.  

So when I try to explain that I need this additional gift ASAP he decides to throw out the "Oh, so it's your fault you don't have the gift."  Uhm, no shit Sherlock, of course it is my fault and being a resourceful adult, I was attempting to come up with a quick fix.  Pfft, men, like they even have a clue when it comes to gifting & regifting.    

But my issue with this whole situation is that I pride myself on raising responsible and conscientious children and apparently I have failed miserably....because any teen that would rather have a $5 set of accessories over a quality replacement, yeah,  is clearly NOT walking my walk (yes, I went there).  Stay tuned for more parenting failures, I mean nonsense, to come in 2015 - I'm sure there will be plenty.

Note:  My children have been raised to be thankful & generous, thus I understand her not WANTING to give up the gift.  But in this house one also needs to be flexible...especially when it comes to giving mama what she wants.  Just saying.

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