Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dreams of Being Fly

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (she says in her stock car racing announcer voice)!  I was awake early, much to my dismay and not ready to commit to anything productive, so I grabbed the remote and started flipping through the channels...

I'm cruising through the ridiculousness we call cable TV, with nothing but infomercials and Super Bowl crap filling the screen, when I feel like I have hit the television jackpot...the early 90's Fox sitcom, "Living Single", starring Queen Latifah and Kim Fields.  Hells bells, it was a blast from the past! I was so freaking thrilled, it was like I had literally stepped back in time: big hair, bright colors & snarky one-liners delivered by authentically humorous characters...and none of that ridiculous canned laughter that often accompanies sitcoms.  Much to Big Daddy's chagrin, I was in early 90's television heaven and I was not turning the channel.

There I was, cozy on the sofa, reminiscing about the good ol' days, recalling, out loud to a very disinterested Big Daddy, reminding him that this was when Fox TV was the home to all of the fun & flavorful TV that made us laugh out loud...I mean, who didn't love "Martin" or "In Living Color"? Aww hell, I was getting all misty eyed and shit, and he was mentally counting down the minutes until he was in control of the damn remote.  But since when did I care if he was actually listening?  I had a captive audience and I was making the most of it.

Big Daddy's inattentiveness aside, this accidental stumble upon an old television favorite had me happily dancing (because that's what I did in the early 90's, danced like a fiend) down memory lane, clearly recalling when my dream was to be "fly" and all of that other nonsense.  I could clearly visualize the rayon baby doll dresses worn over capri leggings, accessorized with obnoxious hoop earrings and the bright red lipstick that Big Daddy despised.  My sharp stacked bob haircut was admired and replicated by many...true story, since I was a hairstylist and my hair was always on point. Hell, I even suffered through those high waisted jeans (giving me approximately four inches between my bra & my waist band - thank goodness breathing wasn't important, right?) and the perpetual wedgie they gave you, just to pull off some of those awesome looks.

Isn't it crazy how the memory works?  I cannot recall what I was going to do five minutes ago, yet I can clearly recall what I wore 20+ years ago when I was at the club dancing to Deee-lite.  Now that I am in my mid-40's  and fashionably challenged (my style is comfort...yes, I just made that up) and I have been through quite a few fashion trends/mishaps, I can hands down say that the styles of the early 90's were by far the best.  Maybe it was because I was at least 60 pounds thinner and did not have the body image issues accompanied with weight gain & age.  Or maybe it was because we were all that & a bag of chips - damn skippy, yo.  It's my story and I'm sticking to it.

BTW:  I don't get free reign of the remote often...I can't imagine why, can you?

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