Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friday Eve Bliss...Or Something Like That

It has been an interesting work week...hell, it's been an interesting week in general.  A couple of  work-related temper tantrums, a come to Jesus (not literally) talk with my administrator & more than a healthy dose of snarkiness dished out to just about anybody that crossed my path, makes this chick very ready for the weekend.

The family goal this week was to eat at home at least 75% of the time and so far we have succeeded.  K helped me make a super tasty meal the other night that I thought I'd share with ya'll...and even better, it was almost better for lunch the following day:

Parmesan Crusted Salmon - melt in your mouth delicious!  I have used this same recipe with tilapia and flounder but the salmon, by far, was a huge hit with the fam.  The stronger flavor of the salmon combined with the parmesan (mayo based) crust was tantalizing for our taste buds...yum!

We served this with a very tasty Creamy Garlic Pasta - which was super easy to make, full of flavor (pasta cooks in the chicken broth, not water, therefore there was tons of flavor in every bite!)

It was so easy to make I passed the buck on to K - she made the pasta and I made the fish.  And as corny as this may sound, especially for those of you that know me, I have really begun to enjoy spending time in the kitchen with the fam...when it's all on me to put the meal together, I think I get a little bit resentful.  But when we're working together it is fun & doesn't seem like such a chore.  Damn, too bad I didn't learn this sooner, right?  My pocketbook & my belly (that resembles an ostrich egg, profile view) would be in different states...the former a bit more full & the latter, a bit less full - live & learn, right?

Here is the recipe:

These recipes are not of my creation and I do not claim to have done so, thus the reason for the links rather than me typing out the recipe.  Okay, and maybe I'm a bit lazy when it comes to typing numbers & symbols, so cutting & pasting the link is how I am going to roll...and it gives the original bloggers props.

On other healthy news - I've been drinking at least 64 oz. of water per day & I'm getting in at least 7,000 steps per day...the goal is 10,000 but 7,000 is more than 0, right?  Oh yeah, and I've been drinking my Plexus pink drink everyday...just as effective as a bowl of bran flakes and way less mushy.

And on that note, peace out - enjoy your Friday Eve my Superior peeps!

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  1. We have earned Friday!!! Sucks I have to work the entire weekend. Changes need to happen in my life too! I'll be following your budgeting tips as well as your change in eating habits. It's been hard to me to cook for two and not rely on a drive thru or delivery meal. Cheers to changes !!