Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Night Live

Sunday has arrived and the school/work week is looming before us - time to get our crap together for a relatively stress free week.  Reality check: I live with two teenagers and a husband that is getting ready to start a six week training program four evenings a week, some stress is inevitable and will usually occur in one of two ways: dogs using the home as an indoor toilet or teenagers needing something at the last minute.  Thank the dear Lord for the blessing of modern medicine - happy pill, woo hoo!  As the Beatles so famously sang: I get by with a little help from my friends.

So, morning smoothie ingredients have been prepped, random meals (mentally) planned and laundry is good to go...D & I have clean drawers, that's all that matters.  We have a couple of basketball games on the calendar and more snow & cold temps in the this rate we'll be going to school until freaking July.  Fingers & toes crossed, as well as extra prayers for decent weather this week as I prefer to spend my 90+ degree weather by my pool, not in school !  Oh, a poet and didn't know it.  Yo - make it a great week, kick ass and just be awesome!

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